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Free live music at Mulgrave Country Club most nights of the week

Free live music at Mulgrave Country Club Wheelers Hill Melbourne

Free Entertainment Guide Monday to Saturday evenings:


Monday 2nd: Frankie Stevens
Tuesday 3rd: Piano Corner
Wednesday 4th: Instrumental, Joseph
Thursday 5th: Piano Corner
Friday 6th: Family Night
Saturday 7th: Phoenix Road
Monday 9th: Rob Foenander
Tuesday 10th: Piano Corner
Wednesday 11th: Instrumental, Joseph
Thursday 12th: Piano Corner
Friday 13th: Family Night
Saturday 14th: John Davidson
Monday 16th: Instrumental, Joseph
Tuesday 17th: Piano Corner
Wednesday 18th: Instrumental, Joseph
Saturday 21st: Me and Him
Monday 23rd: Frankie Stevens
Tuesday 24th: Piano Corner
Wednesday 25th: Instrumental, Joseph
Thursday 26th: Piano Corner
Friday 27th: Family Night
Saturday 28th: Late Night Tea
Monday 30th: Col Perkins
Tuesday 31st: Piano Corner

Date not listed = No FREE entertainment


Wednesday 1st: Instrumental, Joseph
Thursday 2nd: Piano Corner, Leon Blaher
Friday 3rd: Family Night
Saturday 4th: Me and Him
Monday 6th: Brendan Scott
Tuesday 7th: Piano Corner, Leon Blaher
Wednesday 8th: Instrumental, Joseph
Thursday 9th: Piano Corner, Brendan Scott
Friday 10th: Family Night
Saturday 11th: Phoenix Road
Monday 13th: Rob Foenander
Tuesday 14th: Piano Corner, Brendan Scott
Wednesday 15th: Instrumental, Joseph
Thursday 16th: Piano Corner, Leon Blaher
Friday 17th: Family Night
Saturday 18th: Late Night Tea
Monday 20th: Brendan Scott
Tuesday 21st: Piano Corner, Leon Blaher
Wednesday 22nd: Instrumental, Joseph
Friday 24th: Family Night
Saturday 25th: Phoenix Road
Monday 27th: Col Perkins
Tuesday 28th: Piano Corner, Brendan Scott
Wednesday 29th: Instrumental, Joseph
Thursday 30th: Piano Corner, Leon Blaher


Activities you can engage in at Mulgrave Country Club

You can dine in the Country Bistro to free live music on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

We invite some of the best talent Melbourne has to offer: here are just a few of the artists we regularly invite:

  • John Wells
  • John Davidson
  • Marceau Camille
  • Kingsley Koonwhye
  • Rene Diaz
  • Marion Faye
  • Rick Charles
  • Steve Lawson