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Free Family Show on Friday nights, hosted by Corey Blackey

Friday night is Family Night at Mulgrave Country Club


Corey's show is all about music catered for the whole family.

He starts his first set at 6pm with a quiet dinner set of music (guitar and vocals) and then at 6.30pm once the majority has arrived, he ties balloons into all animals and shapes for the kids.

His second set of music is aimed at the younger kids, playing Wiggles and the like and also incorporating games, prizes and fun interaction. It's all then about dance moves, playing songs like the Macarena, TimeWarp, Nutbush, Grease. These songs are enjoyed by the older kids.

The last set of music, once most of the children have gone home, is aimed at the adults where Corey takes requests and plays anything from the 50's through to current.

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