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Members watching the 2014 Club Championship finals

Squash and Racquetball at the Mulgrave Country Club

In 2012 the courts were demolished and four world class climate controlled glass back courts and viewing gallery were constructed. In 2013 pennant racquetball was introduced to compliment the range of competitions available to members. Mulgrave Country Club has hosted the Australian Closed Squash Championships and the Victorian State Finals of pennant competitions which provides members with access to high level squash matches which showcase the excellent facilities on offer to members.

Playing Squash and Racquetball

Mulgrave Country Club members who have paid the Squash/Racquetball Sports Facility Fee may use the courts at no additional fee (more info). Booking of courts can be undertaken online up to 7 days in advance. Non-marking shoes must be worn at all times.

The following competitions are on offer to members:

Junior Squash, Club Circuit Squash, Friday Morning Squash, Ladies Squash, Masters Squash, Racquetball and SuperLeague.

In addition to competitions, members can play in the annual Club Championships, play other members in organised in-house competitions, and receive coaching to improve their squash skills.


As the end of the year looms, it is time to participate in our upcoming annual Mulgrave Country Club squash championships to be held Friday November 16th with finals to be played Sunday November 18th.
The championship will conclude with our annual presentation on Sunday November 18th.
Mens Open:
Top 16 ranked entries and plate event (for those who do not progress past the first round)
Womens Open:
Top 8 ranked entries and plate event (for those who do not progress past the first round)
All players not playing in the Open will play in one of the divisions and plate events (for those who do not progress past the first round).

More news in our current newsletter.


Mulgrave Squash and Racquetball competed in the MS 24hr Mega Squash and Racquetball event in May to raise awareness of MS and the affect it has on the people suffering from the disease as well as family and friends surrounding them. After 24 hours of playing singles and doubles in squash and racquetball as well as the money we raised through the generosity of our family, friends and peers, Mulgrave won the coveted trophy.

A huge thank you to everyone who was part of the team and all of the different hours that they turned up and played to keep the team ticking. Thank you also to everyone who donated – through your generosity, we were able to raise over $7,000 which was the highest across the three locations that ran the 24-Hour MS fundraiser. Thanks to all the players, members and the club who have supported us in the fight against this disease.

More news in our current newsletter.

Australian National Championships

Squash Australia hosted the Australian National Championships to promote the Commonwealth Games as well as provide an opportunity for Australia’s best Men’s and Women’s Squash players to compete at MSAC Albert Park. There were men’s and women’s open across all three formats (singles, doubles and mixed doubles) as well as a graded section for everyone else to participate. Congratulations to:
Open Mixed Doubles Winner: Darren Chan
C Grade Winner: Carlo Di Tondo
These two guys can now officially be named National Champions!

Australian Racquetball Championships

Congratulations to all participants across all clubs who competed in the Australian Racquetball Championships October 13th–15th. Arguably the largest and most prestigious Racquetball event of the year, the level of talent is exceptionally high across all grades.
A huge congratulation to Matthew Bayley who once again took our B Grade Singles and then pairing up with Rayleen Cooper to win the B Grade Doubles events.

Mulgrave Annual Squash Club Championship and Presentation

The Mulgrave Squash Club Championship was held on the weekend of November 11th and 12th with the Annual Squash and Racquetball presentation dinner held Sunday November 12th. The event was a great success, as mentioned by many of the players who participated in the event as well as members who attended the presentation dinner.
Dinner final attendance reached 84 which was larger than previous years.

Australian Masters Squash Championships 4th to 15th September:

Mens 65–69 Division 2 Consolation Plate Winner: Carlo Di Tondo
Womens 55–59 Division 2 Consolation Plate Winner: Belinda Murphy
Men’s Open 75–79 Third Place: Tom Slattery

Australian Masters Squash Association Tournament, Ballarat:

Gary McPyke, Jeanne Timothy, Belinda Murphy and Steve Murray competed in the Teams event:
Gary’s team runners-up in Division 2
Jeanne a winner in Division 4
Belinda a winner in Division 10

Annual Bendigo Squash Open held 18th to 20th September:

Division 2 Winner: Himanshu Sarin
Division 3 Winner: Walter De Beer

Tasmanian Racquetball Open Championships, August 12th and 14th:

Emily Cooper takes out the E grade singles as well as C grade doubles

Victorian Open Racquetball Championships in July:

B Grade Singles Winner: Matt Bayley
E Grade Singles Winner: Emily Cooper
B Grade Doubles Winners: Lance Cowan & Brett Kirchner
B Grade Third Place: Matt Bayley and Rayleen Cooper
D Grade Third Place: Emiyl Cooper and Jake Heyen

See October newsletter for complete report.


Division 1 winner: Hayden Tan (vs Corey Robertson)

Runners Up: Junior Coach Denis Jeffery and Hayden Tan

Congratulations to the squash and racquetball teams who joined forces to raise money and awareness for a great cause.


A1 Runners Up: Shahroze Khan, Darren Chan, Sky Loo (Javed Ali, Mohammad Ali Naqvi)
C1 Winners: Brendan Parkes Peter Scott, Carl Erenstrom, Ian George, Greg Reid
C2 Winners: Colin Currie, Matt Tench, David Drover, Rivi Liyinage, Alex Dehn, Walter De Beer
C3 Winners: Gary Selby, Greg Noble, Shane Robb, Peta Kelly, John Wilson, Mark White
F2 Winners: Christie Higgins, Steve Murray, Tristan Anderson, Allen Lau

Congratulations to MCC Maulers who won the winning flag in Grade. Greg Crawford and Matt Baylet also won best number 1 and two players for the grade as well.


Two Mulgrave teams have won their Grand Finals Colin Edwards Team 2 Grade 9 and Sam Petrucev team 4 Grade 9, and two other teams were also Runners Up, Betsie Young’s team 3 Grade 9 and Gail Newberry’s team 6 Grade 11. Congratulations to the Winners and Runners Up on bringing the flags to Mulgrave.

Tom Slattery

MS 24 Hour fundraiser: Squash and Racquetball teams

The Annual Club Championship finals were played on Sunday 27th November. It was a low key afternoon of matches followed by our awards presentation and the carvery buffet dinner attended by Club President, Leon Ross and club director Ted Vale.


Ladies Open Final: Joyce Prokopiou defeated Charmaine Williams

Mens Open Final: Mithran Selvaratnam defeated Darren Chan

Mens Div 1 Final: Greg Noble defeated Tony Fiedler

Mens Div 2 Final: Mark White defeated Wayne Adams

Open Racquetball Final: Lance Cowan defeated Greg Crawford (Greg was 2015 winner)

The 2016 Vic Open was held at the Mulgrave Country Club from 2nd–7th August with graded events on August 6th–7th for players of all abilities.
The Victorian Open was first played (as an amateur event) in 1931. Since then, a veritable who’s who of Victorian and Australian squash have won the title - Geoff Hunt (10 Times), Heather McKay (14 times), Chris Dittmar, Rodney Martin, Vicki Cardwell, Michelle Martin, Sarah Fitz-Gerald, David Palmer and the list goes on.
The Victorian Open is the second largest (behind the Australian Open) event on the Australian Squash Tour and Mulgrave were lucky enough to host this event.

Winning Results were:
PSA Victorian Open – Men’s 2016: 1 Joe Lee, 2 Rex Hedrick, 3–4 Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu, 3–4 Kush Kumar
PSA Victorian Open – Women’s 2016: 1 Millie Tomlinson, 2 Dipika Pallikal, 3–4 Nouran El Torky, 3–4 Mayar Hany

Mulgrave’s Tom Slattery was the winner of the Australian Masters Squash Championships Men’s Open 65-79 age group in Darwin in September. Tom went through the week undefeated and followed up last year’s win. Darwin has a new squash centre with 12 air-conditioned courts – definitely required as the daily average temperate is about 34 degrees.

Tom Slattery

2016 Runners Up Women's Pennant:

Left to right: Laurie Oliver, Marguerite Lee,Tashia Mihail and Tracey Davis

2016 Women's Pennant Runners Up

The Grand Final runners up were:

From left: Joan Fleiner, Carol Burgess, Tony Tesoriero, Stewart Burn and Anne Morton

Friday morning squash competition grand final runners up grade 2

The 2015 Club Championships are in progress with final matches being played on Sunday November the 15th followed by the annual awards presentation dinner commencing at 6 pm in the Mulgrave Room.

The format for the championships this year is the same as last year due to overwhelming feedback from participants that this was the preferred option. All members and their families are encouraged to participate in the championships and to support your sporting section. Come down to the courts after midday on Sunday the 14th November and watch the final matches, then join us at the buffet dinner.

A meal order form must be submitted with payment by the due date to Administration staff during business hours or reception staff after hours. In addition to the championship trophies, the Best and Fairest awards for the past two pennant seasons are presented on this night so why not get a table together and enjoy the night with your squash and racquetball friends.

The details for all championship section co-ordinators are listed below:
Clinton Teh - 0413738833 - Mens Open
Denis Jeffery – 0413082327 - Mens Division 1
Mark White - 0412005998 - Mens Division 2
John Willems 0409861179 Mens Divison 3
Rob Picone 0407501358 Mens Division 4
Michael James - 0439757282 - Mens Division 5
Henry Rimanich -0418374644 - Racquetball
Leonie Girvan 0407324910 - Womens Open & Division 1
Lyn Foreman 0439489198 – Division 2

2015 Junior Pennant Division 3 Winners

Ranjit Narasimhan (right) and Vignesh Ashok (left).

2015 Junior Pennant Division 3 Winners

2015 Junior Club Champion Winners and Runners Up

Open: Alex Mouw (second from right) beat Hayden Tan (third from right)
Division 2: Kieran Stankard (right) beat Done De Beer (left)

2015 Junior Club champions and runners up

2015 Masters Grade 8 Autumn Winners

L to R: Stephen Varker, Kel Needham, Rob Picone, James Hill, Nick Carnovale and Greg Mullenger.

2015 Inaugural Grade 1 Masters Spring premiers

2015 Mulgrave Country Club’s inaugural Grade1 Masters Spring Premiers

L to R: Peter Adriaans, Bob Vezina, Phil Odlum, Clinton Teh and Elton Cross. (Missing from photo is Stephen Fulop).

2015 Inaugural Grade 1 Masters Spring premiers

2015 Club Circuit A2 Spring Premiers

L to R: Simon Harrington, Clinton Teh, David Mutimer, Nick Cook and Roger Gurney. (Missing from photo is Peter Turner).

2015 Club Circuit A2 spring premiers

2014 Club championship finals

The 2014 Club Championships finals were held on Sunday November 9th, followed by a well-attended presentation dinner. The changed format saw many more members participating and well done to all those who played in finals. Congratulations to the winners and runners-up as there were some hard fought matches on Sunday afternoon.

The Men’s Open Champion saw Mithran Selvaratnam reclaim his title. Peta Murphy won the Ladies Open and Walter De Beer won the Junior Championship.

Mithran-Squash winner division 1 2014 Pictured left: Photo from the Victorian Open Squash Championships held in July at the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre. Mulgrave member Mithran Selveratnam being presented his trophy for winner of the Division 1 final by World & Australian Champion, Geoff Hunt.

Photo from our Inhouse July 2014 Competition

L to R: Rob Lowe, Glenyce Schumer and Stewart Burn

More Autum 2014 competitions photos


2013 Squash Champions

Download the Mulgrave Country Club 2013 Squash Champions

For your information:

Please feel free to download the Mulgrave Country Club Squash & Racquetball Section Committee & Member Guidelines and Rules

If you are interested in playing racquetball competitively, please contact Rayleen Cooper, our racquetball co-ordinator on 0429 377 655


Anyone wanting to purchase a club shirt, please see or ring committee member Rob Picone

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